Marine resources

The Faroe Islands are a large ocean nation. Consisting of 18 small islands with a total land area of just 1,399 square kilometres, the maritime zone of the Faroe Islands is about 200 times bigger, covering an area of 271,000 square kilometres.

Few countries have such a high level of dependency on the sea and its resources as the Faroe Islands. Safeguarding the marine environment and using its resources in a sustainable manner, are a major responsibility the Faroe Islands share with both our North Atlantic neighbours and with the rest of the international community. 

Fishing of other nation’s coasts and in international waters has always been an important part of the Faroese fishing industry. Fishing outside of the Faroe Islands, as well as the pelagic fishing within Faroese territory, means that the Faroe Islands participate in international fishery associations.

This participation is grouped into these categories:

  • The international fishing industry committee within FAO.
  • International fishery organizations – NEAFC, NAFO, NASCO and SPRFMO.
  • Agreements with other coastal countries, regarding shared fish stocks.
  • Bilateral agreements with other fishing nations in the North Atlantic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture lead the Faroese delegations in NEAFC, NAFO, NASCO, SPRFMO, and FAO, while the Ministry of Fisheries are in charge of Faroese participation in accords and agreements with other countries.