The organisation of the Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister’s Office consists of two departments: a secretariat to the Prime Minister, including Cabinet affairs, and the Legal Service.

The key responsibilities of the Prime Minister’s Office are to advise and assist the Prime Minister in all governmental matters, non-partisan political issues and on questions concerning portfolio tasks. The structure or organisation of the Prime Minister’s Office is intended to reflect this mission and to facilitate the completion of the tasks at hand.

Secretariat and Cabinet service

The main function of the Prime Minister’s secretariat is the daily servicing of the Prime Minister, including contact with the press. The secretariat is also responsible for various matters concerning ministers and portfolio allocations.

The Cabinet Affairs service is part of the Secretariat and is responsible for all administrative matters of the Prime Minister’s Office. This includes personnel, budget, accounts, IT, ministerial officers’ room and the canteen. A number of duties are also performed in relation to the ministers (remuneration and pension for ministers).

The Legal Service

The Legal Service is responsible for constitutional law, matters concerning the right of access to documents and legislation for which the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible. The Legal Service inspects and reviews all legislation introduced by the Government. The Legal Service also assists other divisions with legal advice.