Primary and lower secondary education

The Faroese Public Primary and Secondary School System is called Fólkaskúlin.

The Fólkaskúli offers children free education for a period of ten years. Municipalities may offer one year Pre-school the year before compulsory school begins. The language of instruction is Faroese.

All children of education age must receive education, but there is no compulsory schooling. Thus, all children in the Faroe Islands are entitled and obliged to participate in the Fólkaskúli’s instruction or any other instruction which can match that of the Faroese Fólkaskúli. The education age commences at the beginning of the school year in the calendar year in which the child reaches the age of seven years. It comes to an end when the child has received regular instruction for nine years. Moreover, there is an optional 10th form.

The Ministry of Education employs the principals, and the principals employ the teachers in the individual schools. The Ministry of Education is still responsible for the salary of both principals and teachers.

Municipal authorities are responsible for providing school premises and initiate renovation projects and new buildings. The local authorities are different with regard to population and tax receipts.

The Faroese Teacher College (Føroya Læraraskúli) is responsible for the education of primary and lower secondary school teachers.