Higher education

After upper secondary education, higher education is offered at the University of the Faroe Islands (Fróðskaparsetrið). The University of the Faroe Islands offers Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes. There are five faculties/departments at the Faroese University: Faculty of Faroese Language and Litterature, Faculty of History and Social Sciences, Faculty og Natural Sciences and Technology, Teachers College and Nursing College. Research is conducted in a number of topics that are being thought at the university. There is close cooperation bwtween the other research institutions and the university. Similarly there are collaborative bonds between the university and private companies on certain research areas. The university also collaborates with several universities in our neighbouring countries.
The Centre of Maritime Studies and Engineering offers four programmes: Ship’s Captain, Navigator, Ship’s Engineer, and Ship’s Mechanic. The school meets all the STCW-standards. The training offered, therefore, meets international standards and enables graduates to obtain work worldwide.
In addition, the so-called vocational academy education is offered at the vocational college.