It is the objective of sports policy to strengthen the opportunities for the population – especially children and young people – to engage in sports and exercise in all contexts, and not least to support sports culture in associations with the unique qualities that this has. Public support is allocated to sport on the national budget which ensures that sport can be an option all over the country.

The sport funding is administered by ÍSF, the Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympics Committee, see

The confederation represents approximately 15 thousand active athletes in 120 associations encompassing 24 different sports which are gathered in 16 special associations. The confederation is also Olympic Committee of the Faroes.

Handicap sport is represented by ÍSB, the Faroese Confederation of Handicap Sports,

Along with ÍSF and ÍSB is Hugasamband Føroya wich comprises chess and bridge.