Cultural affairs

The Ministry prepares policy formulation in cultural affairs and supervises its implementation as well as being responsible for the general administration of and legislation regarding cultural issues. The Ministry handles amongst other things issues concerning the arts and cultural heritage, the Faroese national Church, the Faroese language, the mass media, copyright, and sports and youth affairs. Its area of responsibility includes relations with public cultural institutions and museums, communities, sporting organisations and other NGOs, enterprises and individuals. The Ministry also supervises public support for arts and culture.
Institutions encompassed by the cultural area

  • Fólkakirkjan (National church)

  • Føroyahúsið í Keypmannahavn (Faroe House of Copenhagen)

  • Ítróttarsamband Føroya (The Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympics Committee)

  • Kringvarp Føroya (The National Broadcasting Station)

  • Listasavn Føroya (The National Art Museum)

  • Mentanargrunnur Landsins (The National Cultural Foundation)

  • Norðurlandahúsið (The Nordic House in Tórshavn)

  • Søvn Landsins (The National Museums Institution)

  • Tjóðpallur Føroya (The National Theatre)