24.05.2010 · The Government

Welcome speech at the 12th Annual Conference of the International Emergency Management Society

Prime Minister Mr. Joannes Eidesgaard, held the opening speech at the 12th Annual Conference of the International Emergency Management Society, which opened today

Distinguished participants,
Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, let me warmly welcome you all to the Faroe Islands. It is a great honour for us to host this conference, and it is our hope that it will be an interesting and learning experience for all of you.

The last decade has changed the world. Not only have we seen terrorism at its worst with the atrocities in New York, Bali, Madrid, and Baghdad and in a number of other places, but also we have experienced the most devastating natural disaster in the history.

Governments all around the world have therefore increased their focus on means of fighting terrorism and ways of preventing natural disasters but also to improve national and international structures for Emergency Management.

It is in this context that your society “the International Emergency Management Society” has a vital role to play. As a non-profit organization with the purpose of bringing together a number of interested parties, who all are involved in emergency management, it is essential to exchange information, if we want to improve our ability and understanding of this important work.

Preparing for and handling emergencies is an immense task – not only for national governments but the world community.

In the Faroe Islands we also want to learn in order to improve our emergency management structures. Even though we are a small and geographically isolated place we are in no way exempt from be it terrorism or technological and natural disasters.

All governments must be responsible for ensuring that they have in place good crisis management and organisations capable for managing any situation. If not we as a nation and government can maintain and further develop this, we are not fulfilling the task that the public has entrusted us to do.

Much has been achieved, but there is always more that remains to be done and a conference like this, where knowledge and information is shared, is central in the pursuit for a better understanding of this whole area. By this, you the participants will help us develop more effective methods and technologies that will benefit us all.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Finally, I shall once more welcome you all to the Faroe Islands. I want to thank the organisers for choosing the Faroes as the venue for this conference and I also want to thank all of you for traveling to our beautiful country.

I am confident that you will enjoy your stay and that the conference will be an informative and enjoyable event.

Thank you for your attention.

Prime Minister Jóannes Eidesgaard