27.04.2016 · The Government

Time for a 21st century relationship between the Faroe Islands and the EU

Meeting European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström in Brussels for the first time this week, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Poul Michelsen, used the opportunity to explain his vision for a modern approach to Faroese - EU relations, including the further liberalization of trade in fisheries products. The Faroe Islands are one of the top 11 trading partners of the EU when it comes to animal products, with Faroese seafood making up at least 3% of EU imports. Minister Michelsen explained that, while remaining outside the EU, the Faroe Islands wish to engage with the EU in a more cohesive way, as a close neighbor in northern Europe. The meeting was seen by both as the start of what is hoped can become a more active political dialogue, with the aim to follow up again later in the year.