20.03.2019 · The Government

The Sustainable Development Goals are setting our course

The Sustainable Development Goals are setting our course

Last week PM Aksel V. Johannesen was a Keynote speaker in a hearing on the Sustainable Development Goals, held in the Danish Parliament.

In his address, the Faroese Prime Minister argued that the SDGs is a key to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The Faroese government has concluded a baseline report, which shows where the Faroe Islands are in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. This report will be the foundation for future political priorities as well as a good benchmarking tool for monitoring development and comparison with other countries.

PM Aksel V. Johannesen stated that the Faroe Islands are fortunate and, in many ways, well on the way to reaching many of these goals. Nevertheless, there certainly is room for improvement in some areas, and in those areas, we will continue to work hard and develop towards the goals.

Read the PMs Speech here (In Danish)

Information about the Faroe Islands and the Sustainable Development Goals