16.03.2015 · The Government

The Prime Minister to meet with the International Olympic Committee

This spring the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands will meet with the President of the IOC. The Prime Minister requested this meeting in a letter on the issue of Faroese membership in October 2014.

This announcement came in a response from the Prime Minister to a §52a question in Parliament from Ms Gunvør Balle, Member of Parliament for Tjóðveldi.

At the forthcoming meeting with Dr Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, Prime Minister Johannesen intends to explain the Faroese position and the grounds and justifications for Faroese membership of the IOC.  A date for the meeting has not yet been set, but the Prime Minister’s Office is working to arrange this sooner rather than later,  especially now that it is clear that young Farorese competitive swimmers will not be permitted to participate under the Faroese flag  in the European Junior Swimming Championships this year.