17.11.2011 · The Government

The new Government of the Faroe Islands

A new Government was formed on Monday November 14th. The 2011 Faroese general election was held on October 29th to elect 33 members to the Faroese Parliament, the Løgting. The Unionist Party and the People’s Party won 8 seats each, followed by the Republican Party and Social Democratic Party with 6 seats each. The Progressive Party and the Centre Party won 2 seats each and The Independence party now holds 1 seat.

The new Government coalition between the Unionist Party, the People’s Party, the Independence Party and the Centre Party hold 19 of the 33 seats in the Parliament. The new Government Cabinet has eight Ministers and the ministerial posts are as follows:

The Rt Hon Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen (Unionist Party), Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Rt Hon Annika Olsen (People’s Party), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs
The Rt Hon Jørgen Niclasen (People’s Party), Minister of Finance
The Rt Hon Karsten Hansen (Centre Party), Minister of Health Affairs
The Rt Hon Bjørn Kalsø (Unionist Party), Minister of Education, Research and Culture
The Rt Hon Kári P. Højgaard (Independence Party), Minister of the Interior
The Rt Hon Jákup Mikkelsen (People’s Party), Minister of Fisheries
The Rt Hon Jóhan Dahl (Unionist Party), Minister of Trade and Industry