20.11.2007 · The Government

The Faroes associate members of FAO

On the 17th of November the Faroes were granted associate membership of UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO. At the thirty-fourth session of the FAO conference held last week in Rome, 137 member states participated in the voting, amongst these 134 voted for Faroese associate membership.
The Prime Minister of the Faroes was grateful for the approval, which enables the Faroes to play a more active role in international cooperation within the fields of fisheries, sustainability and development. The Faroes can contribute with knowledge and experience, especially  in fisheries and aqua culture. Moreover, as a global forum, FAO is of vital importance for the Faroes.
The Prime Minister of the Faroes held a speech in which he expressed his gratitude and highlighted the many future opportunities in the new collaboration. Click here to read the Prime Minister’s speech.
In connection with our associate membership in FAO, an information brochure is now available about Faroese fishery, aquaculture and the purpose of membership in FAO. Download brochure
For further information, contact Mr. Páll Nolsøe, +298 35 10 28