22.02.2015 · The Government

The Faroe Islands will play an active role during Denmark’s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers

On Thursday, Annika Olsen, who is the Faroese Minister for Nordic Cooperation, met with her Danish counterpart Carsten Hansen. They discussed several topics, including Nordic Cooperation, the Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers as well as freedom of movement.

Ms Olsen remarked, ‘The meeting was very productive. I am particularly pleased that Carsten Hansen is prepared to let the Faroe Islands participate actively in the Danish Presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers. It is also encouraging to find that he is willing to work towards resolving some of the issues that Faroese industry faces when seeking to create international growth.’

Denmark holds the Presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers this year. Denmark would like the Faroe Islands and Greenland to play a significant role in the Presidency. The Faroe Islands have also stated wishes to play a greater role in Nordic Cooperation, and this was also addressed at the meeting.

An area of focus for the Danish Presidency will be the obstacles that still exist between the Nordic Countries. To identify the most significant growth barriers, a Council on Freedom of Movement has been created, chaired by the former Danish Minister for Taxation Ole Stavad. The Faroe Islands are also represented in the Council.

The Danish Minister for Nordic Cooperation, Mr Carsten Hansen, stated, ‘I have come to the Faroe Islands to hear of the problems that the Faroese face when moving to other Nordic countries, as well as the challenges for Faroese companies when exporting to other Nordic countries. I have received good and useful input from Annika Olsen and others, which I will use in the work that lies ahead. I am also pleased that Ms Olsen has agreed to participate in the presidency by presenting part of our agenda.’

The presentation will take place at a convention in Copenhagen next week.