28.05.2019 · The Government

The Faroe Islands becomes a partner of the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions

The Faroe Islands becomes a partner of the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions

The Faroe Islands have signed a partnership agreement with the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) and the parties aim to deepen their cooperation.

The Faroe Islands have implemented X-Road data exchange layer version 5 back in 2016 and are aiming to migrate to version 6, which is nowadays under development by NIIS. The X-Road data exchange layer enables secure data exchange within a country, but also as an X-Road federation between the countries which have implemented their own X-Road environments.

‘We look forward to cooperate with the Faroe Islands in the development of X-Road core software. The Faroe Islands have valuable user experience as the software has already been implemented there, and their forthcoming migration to X-Road version 6 will bring new opportunities. The start of cooperation with the Faroe Islands marks a milestone in building cross-border interoperability in the Nordic region’, explains Ville Sirviö, the CEO of NIIS.

‘Secure data transportation is vital for trust in our digital solutions. Therefore, since 2016, the X-Road has been a crucial component of the Faroe Islands’ digital infrastructure.

Together with our eID, it allows us to develop digital solutions that rely on our basic data. All data is transferred in a standardized and secure way. Today, all public institutions use X-Road for their data exchange while maintaining autonomy over their IT-solutions. To be able to use the same technology and security in cross-border data exchange is a remarkable step for the digital cooperation in the Nordic and Baltic region’, says Kristina Háfoss, Minister of Finance and Digitalization in the Faroe Islands.

X-Road is an open source data exchange layer solution that enables organizations to exchange information over the Internet. X-Road ensures confidentiality, integrity and interoperability between data exchange parties. The X-Road technology is used nationwide in Estonia, Finland, Iceland and several other countries around the world.

Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) is an association founded jointly by Estonia and Finland. Its mission is to ensure the development and strategic management of the X-Road and other cross-border components for eGovernment infrastructure.

NIIS is both a network and cooperation platform, and executioner of IT developments in members’ common interests. The institute focuses on practical collaboration, sharing of experience and promoting innovation. The operating model of the institute is something quite unique in the world.