04.04.2019 · The Government

Sustainable whaling and sealing is fully in line with the Sustainable Development Goals

This week the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission is holding its 27th annual meeting in the Faroe Islands to discuss research and developments relevant to the conservation and management of whales and seals in the North Atlantic.

Yesterday Faroese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Poul Michelsen, officially opened the annual meeting of NAMMCO. In his address, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade argued that sustainable whaling and sealing is fully in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 – to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.”

It has been nine years since the Faroe Islands last hosted the annual meeting of NAMMCO. After 27 years, NAMMCO remains just as valuable and necessary as it was in 1992, when the Faroe Islands signed the founding agreement, alongside Norway, Iceland and Greenland.

For the Faroe Islands, taking an active part in regional fisheries management organizations has high priority. This includes NAMMCO, which has a special importance for the Faroe Islands, for a number of reasons.

In his opening speech, Mr. Poul Michelsen stated, “Our common goal is to make sure that our use of whales and seals is sustainable. We do not need to make unnecessary distinctions between commercial and non- commercial activities. We just need to base our decisions on the best available scientific advice”.

Read the opening speech here

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