14.07.2023 · The Government

Statement regarding recent pilot whale drive

Statement regarding recent pilot whale drive

A recent whale drive in the bay of Tórshavn has received international media attention.

For the purpose of contributing to a facts-based and balanced press coverage the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Industry and Trade has issued the following statement.

The fact that tourism and whaling take place side-by-side in the Faroe Islands does not cause concern for the Government, although whale drives can be a dramatic sight for people unfamiliar with the slaughter of mammals. The practice of hunting pilot whales is regulated by law and organised to ensure the safety of participants and compliance with animal welfare legislation.

Pilot whaling in the Faroe Islands continues to be non-commercial and community based. Catches are distributed among participants and local communities free of charge and are utilised for food.

Based on scientific research and continued monitoring, pilot whaling in the Faroe Islands is recognised as sustainable.

International law and agreements stress the need for states to cooperate on the management of marine mammals through appropriate international organisations. The Faroe Islands cooperate through the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission on the conservation, management and study of whales, including pilot whales.

For further information on whaling in the Faroe Islands, you are welcome to consult www.whaling.fo and the government’s information memorandum on the subject.