09.04.2015 · The Government

PM to discuss Faroese membership with IOC president

PM to discuss Faroese membership with IOC president

A date has been set for a meeting between Prime Minister Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen and International Olympic Committee president Dr Thomas Bach to discuss the issue of the Faroe Islands becoming an independent member of the IOC.

The meeting will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland on 21 May. In a meeting with IOC officials last autumn, the Faroese Sports Federation was informed that the application for IOC membership, which was submitted in 1984, would not be considered according to the regulations of that time.

The Prime Minister has therefore now requested to meet with Dr Bach for further discussions.

- Membership in the IOC would have great significance for Faroese sport. I am delighted that we will have the opportunity to explain the Faroese position and the grounds and justification for Faroese membership in the IOC. The Faroe Islands met all requirements to be granted membership according to the old regulations. I hope the IOC is willing to further examine our application, the Prime Minister says.

This will be the first time a meeting is held between a Faroese Prime Minister and an IOC President.