12.08.2015 · The Government

Pilot whale catch in Sandavágur

Pilot whale catch in Sandavágur

A school of 61 pilot whales was driven ashore and killed late this afternoon, 12 August, in the village of Sandavágur on the islands of Vágar.

The drive went according to the regulations and the killing was over in a few minutes.

In connection with the whale drive the police arrested five foreign anti-whaling activists.

The Government of the Faroe Islands has the following statement:

"The Government values the right to protest, but violation of our laws must result in necessary police actions. Obstructing a whale drive can be dangerous and can put people and property at risk.

The utilisation of pilot whales for food is a legal activity in the Faroe Islands. And just as freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest are legal rights, so is the right of the Faroese people to make good use of their natural resources.

Whaling in the Faroe Islands is conducted in accordance with international law. Catches are sustainable and fully regulated, with emphasis on animal welfare."

More information on whaling in the Faroe Islands is available at: www.whaling.fo

Contact Páll Holm Johannesen, Communication Advisor, for more information: tel. +298 551040, pall@tinganes.fo