10.03.2015 · The Government


10 Mars 2015

Today on Tuesday 10 March 2015 marks the formal opening of the Representation of the Faroes in Moscow. Dr Bjørn Kunoy, legal adviser in the Foreign Affairs Department, has been appointed Head of the Representation.

The friendly relations between the Faroe Islands and Russia are long-standing and have esseentially been founded on reciprocal fisheries interests.

The governments of the Faroes and Russia have previously cooperated in order to ameliorate the bilateral trade relations, therein the entering into a Most-Favoured Nation treaty in 2006. Yet, in recent years, the trade between both countries has steadily increased, which calls for a more-in-depth framework governing the bilateral trade of goods between both nations.

Henceforth Bjørn Kunoy will represent the Government of the Faroes and its interests in Russia. His tasks include strengthening cultural relations between both nations and securing optimal conditions to govern trade between the countries. The establishment of the Representation of the Faroes in Moscow is a significant step forward in Faroe-Russian relations and will facilitate and strengthen the cooperation between both countries to their mutual benefits.