22.02.2017 · The Government

Michelin star to Restaurant KOKS is an outstanding achievement

Today the Faroe Islands received the first Michelin star ever when Restaurant KOKS was honored in the 2017 Michelin Guide Nordic Countries.

Poul Michelsen, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, congratulated the restaurant on their tremendous achievement.

“I would like to congratulate KOKS and all the people behind the restaurant. This great distinction is the result of innovative vision, and a lot of hard and dedicated work. It also shows that Faroese produce is world class and that Faroese chefs can compete on the international stage of gastronomy.

"With this Michelin star there is no question that KOKS is part of the international elite when it comes to gastronomy, as well as being amongst the best ambassadors for New Nordic Food and the Faroe Islands. This international recognition will undoubtedly have a huge influence on the Faroese restaurant sector and tourism, and will be an inspiration and a model for other Faroese businesses and entrepreneurs," the Minister stated.