25.04.2014 · The Government

Memorial monument to be erected in remembrance of Faroese men lost at sea during second world war

The Faroe Islands are to erect a memorial monument in the British National War Memorial Garden in Lichfield.

The memorial will be erected in remembrance of the great number of Faroese men who lost their lives at sea during the second world war.

Yesterday Faroese Prime Minister, Mr. Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen laid a wreath in the Memorial Garden.

“We must never forget their courage. The Faroese monument will be erected in hounour of those who navigated the dangerous seas in war time. As a sailing nation living of the sea and its natural resources we erect the memorial in remembrance of those who carried the heavy burdens and endured much hardship and finally lost their lives at sea.”, the Faroese prime minister said.

The monument is to stand complete in 2015.