02.02.2023 · The Government

Høgni Hoydal to attend EU Arctic Forum

Høgni Hoydal to attend EU Arctic Forum

Foreign Minister Høgni Hoydal is among the High-level representatives at EU Arctic Forum and Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue in Nuuk, Greenland next week.

The Arctic to remain a peaceful region

“I am looking forward to the Forum in Greenland. In a more uncertain world, it is more important than ever to nurture ties with friends and partners to ensure that the Arctic remains a peaceful and stable region,” says Minister Hoydal

“It is vital to focus on the people living in the Arctic. Environmental and climate changes affect people, living conditions, biodiversity and nature and the very conditions for living and working in the Arctic”, states Foreign Minister Høgni Hoydal

The Faroe Islands – a European Arctic neighbour

Strategically located where the North Atlantic meets the Arctic, the Faroe Islands lie at the center of one of the world’s most productive and sustainably managed fisheries regions. The Faroe Islands governs a maritime area of 274,000 km2, with a continental shelf area of 301,000 km2.

As a nation in the Arctic, the Faroe Islands give high priority to active participation in all relevant aspects of circumpolar cooperation. The Faroe Islands have participated in the Arctic Council together with Greenland and Denmark since its establishment in 1996, as well as in the scientific and environmental work under the former AEPS (Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy).

Dynamic partnership with the EU

 As part of the European Arctic family, bilateral cooperation with the European Union is of utmost importance to the Faroe Islands. The Government of the Faroe Islands is strongly committed to enhancing relations between the Faroe Islands and the European Union towards an even closer and more dynamic partnership for the benefit of both parties.