01.06.2015 · The Government

Growth in Blue Bio – economy

International Conference Growth in Blue Bio – economy 2-3 June Nordic House Faroe Islands 

The International conference Growth in Blue Bio – economy will take place at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands on the 2-3 June. The Conference is hosted by the Faroese Ministry of Fisheries and is a flagship project in the 2015 Nordic Council of Ministers Chairmanship Program. The objective of the Conference is to provide an overview of the huge growth potential in marine bio-economy. The target audience is ministers, parliamentarians, industry, investors, decision makers and policy advisers. The focus will be on essential policy initiatives to support growth in the marine sector. The Nordic Marine Think Tank, NMTT, is responsible for the organization of the conference.

The conference has three themes:

Theme I: Blue Bio-economy at the global and regional level.

Theme II: Potential Growth in marine Industries.

Theme III: Obstacles to and promotion of Blue Growth.

The current use of marine biomasses and possibilities for adding value to biomass products will be reviewed. This includes the potential to replace petroleum-based products with marine biomass and utilization of marine biomass as raw material in higher value products such as the food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Business cases will be highlighted.

The conference will discuss obstacles to blue growth. Are countries able to cooperate in these matters? Are there policies and action plans in place to make growth possible?

The synthesis report Blue Growth in the North East Atlantic and Artic has been published.

A summary of the conference, by Nordic Marine Think Tank, will be published at the end of the conference week.

The programme for the Conference Growth in Blue Bio - economy