Purpose and Tasks

The people of the Faroe Islands and Israel have a long history of friendship. The establishment of diplomatic relations in 2021 manifests a desire from the Government of the Faroe Islands to  extend the bilateral relationship with Israel to an official and political level.

It is a stated priority by the Government of the Faroe Islands to increase co-operation with Israel within trade, science, innovation and development.

Increase of export of seafood from the Faroe Islands to Israel is also a priority. A strengthening of the bonds between Israel and Faroe Islands in the cultural field is likewise an objective of the Representation.

The Representation of the Faroe Islands provides assistance and information to Faroese companies in their endeavour to export products and services to the Israeli market as well as to Israeli companies wishing do business in the Faroe Islands.

The main tasks of the Representation include:

  • To represent the Faroe Islands and address Faroese interests in Israel
  • To promote Faroese trade, industry and culture in Israel
  • To provide information and services to Faroese companies seeking to export and enter the Israeli markets - and vice versa
  • To help build bridges between the Faroese entrepreneurs and research community and their Israeli counterparts.