About the Representation of the Faroes in Moscow

The Representation of the Faroe Islands in Moscow opened in March 2015. In addition to seeking to improve and continuously ensure the good relations between the Faroe Islands and Russia, its main objectives include also to provide citizens of the Faroe Islands, companies established in the Faroe Islands, and authorities in general, a high quality service in relation to all matters relating to Russia.

The bilateral relations between the Faroe Islands and Russia are particular, let alone for the solid and long-standing fisheries cooperation between both nations. These relations need nevertheless to improve pursuant to an understanding that there is mutual interest in cooperating in relation to matters of common interest. In order to adapt the governing framework applicable to the bilateral trade, it appears necessary to enter into a free trade agreement with not only Russia, but also the other Member States of the Eur-Asian Economic Union. This will be a core task for the Representation of the Faroe Islands in Moscow. By so doing, the Representation will also seek to enhance the general knowledge about the Faroe Islands and in a proper fashion represent the culture of the Faroe Islands in Russia.

In addition to being the Representative of the Faroe Islands in Moscow, I will also represent the Faroe Islands in Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Yours sincerely,

Hákun J. Djurhuus