The Mission of the Faroe Islands to the EU

The Mission of the Faroe Islands to the European Union represents the Government of the Faroe Islands and its relations with the European Union. The Mission is a part of the Faroese Foreign Service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Faroe Islands.

The role of the Mission in Brussels is to facilitate and enhance cooperation, contacts and the exchange of information between the Faroe Islands and the EU institutions and EU member states in all areas of mutual interest. These relate both to existing formal bilateral agreements in trade, fisheries and research cooperation (Horizon 2020), as well as to potential new areas of cooperation. An important task is to highlight what the Faroe Islands have to offer as one of the EU’s closest northern European neighbours at the crossroads of the North Atlantic and Arctic regions.

The Mission provides general information and further contacts in all aspects of Faroese society, from government and business to research, education, culture and tourism, as well as assisting Faroe Islanders with advice, information and contacts in the EU system.

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