Protocol on Veterinary Matters

The Faroe Islands have had a veterinary agreement with the EU since 2001. This is a contained in the Protocol on Veterinary Matters which is a part of the Trade Agreement. Under the terms of this Protocol, the Faroe Islands are recognized as having equivalent standards as the EU member states when it comes to biosecurity and food safety in all Faroese fisheries and aquaculture production.  The Protocol does not encompass agricultural products.

More information and links:
  • Protocol on Veterinary Matters (in effect from 2001)
  • The Faroese Food and Environment Authority (Heilsufrøðiliga Starvsstovan) is the public institution responsible for the implementation and monitoring of national food safety and veterinary regulations. This includes liaison with corresponding authorities in export markets, including cooperation with the EU in accordance with the Protocol on Veterinary Matters.
  • The EU institution responsible for food safety and veterinary matters, including cooperation with the Faroe Islands in this area, is the European Commission Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE).