European Research Cooperation

The Faroe Islands have participated as an associated country in European research cooperation since becoming a part of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme in 2010. In 2014, the EU and the Faroe Islands concluded the Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, associating the Faroe Islands to Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020).

Faroese association to Horizon 2020 gives researchers, research institutes and enterprises in the Faroe Islands full access to European funding and collaborative activities for research and innovation on an equal footing with EU Member States and other countries that are also associated to Horizon 2020. This participation has become very important for the Faroese research community, and represents an important new and successful pillar of Faroese-EU relations.

The EU-Faroes Research and Innovation Committee has been established according to the Agreement. The Committee meets regularly to monitor and discuss implementation of the Agreement and further development of research cooperation, and to exchange information on new and emerging issues of relevance for research cooperation in Europe.

The Faroe Islands pay an annual contribution to the overall funding of Horizon 2020. This is calculated relative to the Faroese GDP, using the same formula as that which applies to EU Member States and other associated countries.

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