Legal texts

Please note that the English translations below are unofficial translations of the legally binding Faroese texts. In case of discrepancy, the official phrasing in Faroese will prevail.

Law of Parliament no. 44 from May 14 2007 regarding International Developmental Aid

Article 1. This law shall instigate the Faroese contribution against world poverty.
§ 2. The Government must actively seek to achieve this by supporting developmental projects. In accordance to paragraph

3, this support can be formal and informal.

Article 2. The government can support developmental projects in collaboration with: governments in developing countries, governments of other developed countries, international organisations and other organisations, Faroese organisations included.

§ 2. The collaboration can include expert advice and financial support to projects in developing countries, which promote:

1) administration,

2) financial growth,

3) social development.

§ 3. Faroese skill and expertise should as far as possible be used in relation to developmental projects.

Article 3. The Minister determines the exact conditions for funding and method of payment. This
includes: financial plan, assessment, duty to provide relevant information, accounts, financial revision and all methods and conditions of payment.

Article 4. An Advisory Board shall assist the minister in his duties.
§ 2. The board has a president and four members, which the Minister appoints for a period of four years.

Article 5. This law shall enter into force on 30 July 2007

Tórshavn 14th of May 2007
Jóannes Eidesgaard (sign.)
Prime Minister

Executive Order on International Development Assistance
Under the provisions of § 3 in Parliamentary Act no 44 of 14 May 2007 on International Development Assistance, the Minister has decided:

§ 1. Partners, according to § 2 subsection 1, in the Act on International Development Assistance, can apply for financial support to development projects.
2. Before financial support is given, a project description must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The description shall include the following information:
1) Applicants and person(s) responsible
2) Budget and amount applied for
3) Participants in the project
4) Aim/ Objective of the project
5) A general description of the project
6) The development potential of the project
7) Expected results
8) Budget
9) Work plan

§ 2. The basis for financial support depends on the amount the applicant considers to be necessary in order to carry out the project.
2. The basis for financial support cannot include the purchase of properties belonging to the organisation itself.

Payment of assistance
§ 3. The assistance is paid in one instalment, after the project is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can nevertheless decide to pay the assistance in more than one instalment.

Duty to disclose all relevant facts
§ 4. All information relevant to the project must be provided to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must approve any changes in the project or relevant to the project, though a formal application.
3The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be regularly informed of the project progress.

Report and supervision
§ 5. When the project is understood to be completed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be given a financial and a written report, by the applicant, which clearly explains the project development.
2. The financial report must be completed in a form similar to the original budget.
3. Occasionally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not need to review the financial reports. In these cases it is sufficient to hand in documentation of expenses.
4. If the financial support is paid out under wrong assumptions, or if the conditions for the project change, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the right to withdraw its funding.

Standard agreements
§ 6. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can also grant support to partners (according to § 2 (1) in the law on International Development Assistance), who have their own standard agreements regarding report duty and financial administration.

§ 7. This Executive Order shall take effect the day after it has been published. On that date, Executive Order no 78 from 27 June 2007 shall be repealed.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
25 June 2008

Høgni Hoydal (sign.)
Minister of Foreign Affairs

/Herluf Sigvaldsson (sign.)
Permanent Secretary of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Procedure for the Work of the Advisory Board for International Developmental Work

The Prime Minister has, on the basis of Law no. 44 from 14 May 2007, Article 4, section 3 regarding international co-operation on development, prescribed the following procedure regarding the work of the advisory board:

§ 1. The Prime Minister´s Office initiates the first meeting in the new board. At this point the chairperson and the vice chairperson will be appointed.

§ 2. The secretary and the accounting and journal functions will be managed by the Prime Minister´s Office secretariat.

§ 3. The secretary initiates a board meeting and this must be done with at least 8 days notice. Members will receive the meeting agenda and other relevant documents.

Section 2. Usually the chairperson sets the date for the next meeting.

§ 4. The secretary makes a report on the meeting with information regarding: Persons attending the meeting, issues discussed and conclusions.
Section 2. If requested by the board, the secretary shall also provide a summery of the meeting.
Section 3. On the following meeting the summary has to be approved and signed by the foreman and secretary and then filed.

§ 5. The board is vested powers to adopt decisions with half the board members present inclusive the chair or vice-chair person.
Section 2. The motion is passed by majority vote and following then motion does not pass, when there are equal votes for and against.
Section 3. Board members are obliged to share all information which can be of importance to the competence of any of the board members.

§ 6. The chairperson is in charge of the board meeting.
Section 2. If the chairperson can not attend, the vice chairperson is in charge.

§ 7. The board members will receive payment in accordance with the current regulation regarding board members in the public sector.

Tórshavn 1. of Nov 2007

Jóannes Eidesgaard
Prime Minister

/Marjun Hanusardóttir