South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO)

The South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation is an inter-governmental organisation for the conservation and sustainable use of the fishery resources of the South Pacific Ocean and for safeguarding the marine ecosystems in which these resources occur. The SPRFMO Convention regulates high seas fisheries for Jack mackerel and jumbo flying squid in the Southeast Pacific and deep-sea species in the Southwest Pacific.

As a result of Faroese fishery for Jack mackerel in the Southeast Pacific, the Faroe Islands joined the consultations to establish an organisation for the regulation of these and other fisheries in the South Pacific, becoming one of the first countries to ratify the new SPRFMO Convention in 2010. The Faroe Islands have an allocation of Jack mackerel according to the Conservation and Management Measure for this species (Trachurus murphyi) adopted by the SPRFMO Commission.

The Faroe Islands participate in their own name in SPRFMO, having formally ratified the Convention as the Kingdom of Denmark in respect of the Faroe Islands.