Purpose and Tasks

The main purpose of the Representation is to assist the Faroese Government with its relations to the United Kingdom and represent the Faroes politically, economically and culturally. The Head of Representation also acts as the official Representative to the Republic of Ireland.

The Representation seeks to identify and develop areas of mutual interest to the Faroes and the United Kingdom through close collaboration, especially with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Faroe Islands in the House of Commons, and other governmental representatives and key political allies.

The Representation also manages communication with British ministries and governmental bodies, including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. In the exceptional case that a political problem arises, the Head of Representation may take the role of a mediator with the relevant authority or governmental representative.

The main tasks of the Representation can be summarised as follows:

• to advice and inform Faroese authorities on matters relating to the United Kingdom

• to network and manage relations with British authorities, public bodies andorganisations on behalf of the Faroese Government

• to manage relations with international organisations and international bodies of which the Faroe Islands are a member or associated member

• to promote Faroese trade and industry in the United Kingdom

• to promote Faroese culture in the United Kingdom

• to support Faroese residing in or visiting the United Kingdom

• to manage relations with the Republic of Ireland on behalf of the Faroese Government