International Development Cooperation

Each year the Faroese Government allocates a certain amount of funds to development assistance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture manages this area and grants the funds to organizations working to improve conditions in developing countries.

The main goal is sustainable development and to improve conditions and secure livelihoods beyond the duration of the individual projects. Strengthening Faroese development assistance is also a priority, and is done by funding projects that allow for active involvement by Faroese organizations, or other partners, that can provide professional or technical expertise or assistance.

Priorities are set in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The foundation of sustainable development is to provide the tools that can help people become self-sufficient, thus, highest priority is given to projects that focus on health, education and a sustainable supply of food. The Faroese are experts in sustainable fisheries and projects that utilize this expertise are also given priority.

Funding is restricted to projects or programmes that take place in countries that the OECD designates as developing countries, especially those that are least developed. Funding will only be provided for one year at time, i.e. for projects stretching beyond 12 months a new application is needed for each succeeding year (maximum 3 years).

Priorities are set in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 14.

A full list of requirements can be found in Requirements and Priorities of the Faroese Government for Development Assistance.

Grant application form for development assistance and aid can be found here.

Next deadlines for applications are 1 March 2023 and 1 September 2023.

Please send applications to

Please note that the Foreign Service will not consider applications for new projects from applicants who have not submitted a satisfactory report or interim report for previous projects funded by the Government of the Faroe Islands.